Principal's Message

Welcome to the MEMS website. It provides parents, teachers, and stakeholders with a wealth
of information about the school.

The Parent Portal is an online communication tool. MEMS uses this tool to connect parents,
students, and teachers with instant, secure, and timely information. The Parent Portal allows
parents to become active participants in their children’s education. They can locate up-to-date
information on children’s grades and keep up-to-date with progress and areas for concern.
MEMS teachers are ready to help parents understand the best way to help their children learn,
succeed, and reach their academic goals. An effective parent-teacher partnership is the best
way to help students become successful and productive citizens.

The MEMS faculty and staff want all students to SOAR (Safe Opportunities for Academic
Achievement in a Respectful Environment) academically. They want all students to be
academically prepared when they graduate from MEMS and to be college and career ready
when they graduate from Blackville-Hilda High School.

As principal, I have an open door policy. Parents are always welcome to come and talk with me
if you have suggestions and challenges or if you want to provide feedback and discussion as it
relates to your children. I also invite you to call or e-mail me.

If we work together, we can raise the bar for all students!
Educationally yours,
Eryl M. Smalls